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Sunday, August 24, 2008

iPhone Launch India (the First Time Around...) IPhone Craze in India

iPhone Craze in India

Finally after all the wait, craze, rumors and excitement, Apple iPhone is now available in India across markets. You can purchase the iPhone online as well as in offline stores in the country. Apple has been very strategic in all its positioning strategies including its iPhones. The iPhone is for a target group who believe in being different and innovative. And keeping this TA (target audience) in mind, Apple has designed the product. It is also said that people who were planning to buy the i-pods will now rather buy the iPhones as this gadget is so much more advance! Hence the trend for the phone will only continue.

The craze for iPhone can be justified because of its trendy sleek, stylish look. At the same time, the features that the Apple iPhone possesses are also new which includes the third-generation (3G) wireless networks on which the phone runs. It loads internet pages so fast that waiting for the net pages to load will be a thing of the past. The iPhone has new improved email features as well.

With all the hype and hoopla that Apple has created about the iPhone, one is sure to see the sale of iPhones going up in the country. Another feature that the phone boasts of is that it includes the satellite navigation capability and comes with an inbuilt 8GB memory which means so much more storage!

Analysts said that Apple's iPhone launch in India was one of the most successful brand launches. The credit goes to the great marketing strategy along with the importance of product innovation that Apple always believes in. It is also said that Apple has used a lot of word-of-mouth publicity for iPhone which has helped the brand to be successful to a great extent.

Moreover, it is telecom operator Vodafone that is offering the iPhone in India. This has also helped Apple to strengthen its base in the country. It is said that the prices of the iPhone are going to be slashed further. No wonder, the rage will continue...

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